Your one true love, immortalised in an original, fine art piece.

Or, your several solid loves, framed and mounted in a magnificent cluster of glory on your wall.

Much less regulations to deal with when you want to show off your pieces, on a wall, full time!

Each artwork takes around 2 weeks to complete, or three for a heavily engraved Nitro, with wait times increasing due to demand around Christmas. To ensure delivery before Christmas, please consider ordering before November.

Mr Owen’s Baby, completed June 2021.

Jungle Carbine, completed December 2020

The Baker, completed early 2020

Detail of Joseph Lang & Sons, Game (Elephant Gun) .577-500 Cal. Completed May 2020
Entire image, about 1.5m long. Some studio set up and custom framing required!
Borchardt c-93, completed April 2020, for a Collector.
Ruger Blackpowder, March 2019
Unique 22, September 2019
Ruger 44 Blackpowder, 2019